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Green Hills with Blue Sky

About Wanda Brothers

"One knows what one has lost but not what one will find."


I am an expert in Trauma recovery, Attachment, Physiology & Somatic Problems. I Provide support to individuals, groups, families, & Organizations via therapy and Educational Workshops & Trainings including:

Trauma Recovery TreatmentHand holding plant

Therapy for Depression and Anxiety


Somatic Experiencing

Somatization Disorders

Organizational Support/Crisis Debriefing

Parenting Support

Grief Counseling

Group Therapy

Stress Management Workshops

Addiction & Recovery

Prepare/Enrich Pre-marital Counseling Program

Conflict Resolution


Somatic Resonance Touch work

BA, Pychology San Diego State University- Magna Cum laude
Minor: Business Administration
MA, MFT BethelSeminary - Summa Cum laude                                                   
License & Certifications:
-Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
-Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
-Touch Skills for Trauma Provider
-Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning Experience trained

 Additional Training: 
-Critical Incident Response in the Workplace (CISM training)              
-EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing)
-Somatic Experiencing Certification (3 year trauma healing modality)

 -Kathy Kain Somatic re-education Touch bodywork- 3 year periodic training
-Early Developmental Trauma Healing Training (1 year)

-California Domestic Violence Certification
-Psycho-drama workshops
-Attachment healing 5 ( 4 day module) workshops (Dynamic Attachement Re-patterning Experience)
-Prepare/Enrich (pre-martial counseling tool)         

Professional Affiliations:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

  • SETI Training Assistant (Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute) 
  • CAMFT (Ca. Association of Marriage & Family Therapists)                   
  • Crisis Care Network
  • www.CISMSpecialist.com
  • Coronado SAFE (Substance Abuse Free Environment)
  • My Expert Solution (online Q&A expert)
  • Response Works, Inc. (Aviation Disaster Team)
  • Red Cross Volunteer