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" Stress Happens-Evict the Anxiety!”

Reclaim your better version of you.

· - 3 week intensive workshops for stress/anxiety reduction

· - $300 total cost- earn a fee discount for bringing a friend or two along

· - Short time commitment – 90-105 minutes a week for 3 weeks in a row

· - Learn how to calm your body and begin to restore joy and peace

· Life is stressful, stock market lows, school shootings, and economic woes, cause our bodies to live in constant stress and worry. We struggle with anxiety, body pains or problems, and/or depression. For many, this anxiety shows in emotional eating or drinking, over shopping, over-working, sleeping too much, or insomnia, yelling at family members, etc. The excess anxious energy must go somewhere.

Members will learn simple but effective tools to begin evicting the anxiety that negatively impacts life and families. The workshops will include exercises, mindfulness, art therapy and the latest tools and information shown to bring freedom and peace. The tools you will learn have been shown by research to positively change the brains of the users and increase a sense of relaxation and peace within.



"ATTACHMENT 101: How Your Attachment Style Impacts your Child's Future Sucess."

A fun and interactive 1/2 Day Workshop using teaching and experiential exercises to learn about the 4 Attachment Styles and how to heal insecure attachment so you are better prepared to provide the support and attachment style needed by your partner and children.

" PASTORAL CARE 401: Caring for the Difficult Cases While Still Caring for Yourself."
This 4 week workshop series provides important training to Pastoral Care Staff in order to better support members. Trauma/PTSD, Addictions, Personality Disorders, and Insecure Attachment Style Difficulities are all addressed. Many people who come to you for help are in deep pain and need more than just a prayer or a few bits of counsel. This workshop will help better prepare you to serve the members facing the greatest challenges. A combination of exercies, games, lecture and interactive collaboration will be utilized.

Other workshops/presentations available contact me for more details.

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